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When it comes to your child’s or pediatric patient’s recovery from an acquired or traumatic brain injury, acute illness, or chronic disease, a safe, nurturing environment providing individualized care is significant. As the leader in pediatric medical services and rehabilitation, Nexus Children’s Hospital offers a continuum of care through our ICU step-down, extended acute rehabilitation, and outpatient services for children from infancy to age 21.

At Nexus Children’s Hospital, you become part of our family as we’re mending minds.

Comprehensive & Individualized Care Plans

Because the recovery journey is different for all children, our experienced medical and allied health professionals work as a cohesive team to develop customized treatment plans that evolve as our young patients progress. Complete with board-certified physicians, nurses, neuropsychiatrists, behavioral psychologists, therapists, case managers, and other medical staff, your child’s team is unlike what is offered at any other hospital. Striving to help your child heal and recover, our medical team meets weekly, ensuring the course of treatment is adjusted based upon his or her ever-changing needs.

Hospital Grade Resources in a Family-Centered Environment

Breaking the mold of traditional hospitals, Nexus Children's Hospital offers our patients and their families a home-like setting designed to make children feel comfortable and like they aren't in the hospital. Our locations in Houston, Texas and Orange, California combine the technology, equipment and services provided in hospital settings with a community atmosphere.

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Caring for Our Patients & Their Families

Nexus is different in that we believe children recovering from acquired and traumatic brain injuries and other illnesses deserve daily opportunities for therapy, rehabilitation, and extracurricular activities, aimed at constantly improving their skills and functionality. We also know it's imperative that parents and guardians are kept in contact with their child's physicians, and it's our promise to be available to address your questions and concerns – and celebrate the milestone moments. Nexus also equips families with the tools and knowledge to confidently continue care at home when your child's functionality is achieved and it's time to go home.

For a complimentary informational session for your child or patient at either Nexus Children's Hospital location, please call the admissions office.

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Nexus Children's Hospital is accredited by DNV-GL's NIAHO® program.

  • "I would recommend your hospital because the staff was excellent. A special thank you from our hearts to yours. It takes a very special person to care for the children and your staff has it."

  • "We're very satisfied. Nexus Children's Hospital was very clean and comfortable hospital for everyone who is in need of medical care."

  • "There is no way Nexus Children's Hospital can improve – you all are the best. Thank you for everything, I don't know how I was able to get through this without you. You will always be in my heart."

  • "The education I received at the hospital adequately prepared me for the care of my child. All of the administration and medical staff were informational and offered complete support and assistance. Thank you to each and every one of you!"

  • "I would like to thank Nexus Children's Hospital and all their staff for everything that was provided to my daughter and my family during her stay at the hospital. To do the job that is offered at the hospital requires lots of love and care and the staff has everything it takes to provide that love and care that is required for each individual child."

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Houston Campus

2929 Woodland Park Drive
Houston, Texas 77082


P: 713.351.6633
F: 713.482.4863


Monday – Sunday
8 a.m. – 9 p.m.


Orange Campus

393 S. Tustin Street
Orange, California 92866


P: 713.351.6633
F: 713.482.4863


Monday – Sunday
8 a.m. – 9 p.m.

Reap the Benefits of Comprehensive Care

Contact our Admissions Department for more information and to begin the recovery process today.

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Journey Toward Independence

Nexus' NeuroContinuum sequence provides a range of care for those recovering from acquired or traumatic brain injuries and other complicated illnesses or diseases.
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